The East Midtown Partnership provides the following services to our community.  For more information, explore our website or send us an e-mail with your question or comment.

Marketing, Promotion, & Business Development
  • Our weekly e-Bulletin, with more than 2,600 subscribers (and many more readers), promotes local businesses and activities and informs the community about area street closures and events. To receive our bulletin, subscribe today.
  • This website is constantly updated to provide the latest news of interest to the East Midtown business community and consumers, and draws hundreds of unique visitors each week. Our social networking presence gives us another outlet to promote local businesses to more than 7,000 followers each week.
  • The East Midtown Passport Card provides special discounts and benefits to more than 20,000 cardholders at dozens of East Midtown businesses.
  • Our unique special event programming brings excitement -- and thousands of shoppers -- to our community.
  • We install special holiday decor each year to brighten our streets... and community spirits!
  • And our vibrant Business Development & Marketing Committee meets regularly to develop new initiatives! Committee membership is open to all East Midtown stakeholders, so send us an e-mail if you'd like to join or for more information!
Beautification & Streetscape Improvements
  • We install three seasonal plantings in more than 150 tree beds throughout the district, beautifying and unifying our streetscape. (If you'd like to join the program, send us an e-mail.)
  • The Partnership has arranged for the planting of dozens of trees, greening our neighborhood.
  • Our Consolidated Sign Unit program places NYC Department of Transportation regulatory signs on more than 600 free-standing poles throughout the district, neatening the streetscape and making often confusing parking information understandable.
  • We partner with The Fund for Park Avenue to ensure the Park Avenue malls are kept litter-free and beautiful.
  • Thanks to our Tramway Plaza Improvement Project, we have cleaned up our only publicly-accessible open space and reduced the rodent population by over 99%, making it an attractive venue once again.
Cleanliness & Safety
  • Since 2002, we've collected and removed more than 1.9 million bags of trash, litter, and paper recycling from district streets, and our street cleaning crew -- contracted through the nationally-recognized organization,The Doe Fund -- is out on the streets daily, ensuring maximum street and sidewalk cleanliness.
  • We also clear snow and ice during the winter months, remove graffiti, power-wash dirty sidewalks, remove stickers and posters from street furniture, and monitor street and drainage conditions.
  • In one of the most ambitious recycling efforts in the nation, the East Midtown Partnership has installed more than 120 paper/newspaper Recycling Receptacles on sidewalks throughout the district. Now, no East Midtown pedestrian is more than one block from a recycling bin, and tons of recyclable paper is taken out of the waste stream.
  • A team of East Midtown Partnership public safety officers patrols the district Monday through Saturday, and during special events, offering an additional sense of security, giving visitors directions and assistance, and noting unsafe street conditions.
  • We also have a Homeless Outreach team (contracted through BRC) in the district 40 hours per week, ensuring that the needs of our most vulnerable citizens are met. Since 2002, our Homeless Outreach initiative has brought more than 720 men and women off the streets and into relevant service programs. If you see a homelessness situation -- at any time of day or night -- call the BRC Homeless Helpline at 212-533-5151.
A Liaison for the Community
  • Our scope of services doesn't end with the extensive list above. We're also problem-solvers for area businesses, property owners, and residents. If you need a referral or a helping hand, e-mail us or call 212-813-0030. Normal office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday.